Who we are

Maple Leaf Mobile Dentistry was founded to meet the dental needs of patients in long-term care facilities, nursing homes and assisted living centers across the great state of Ohio. Our licensed mobile dentistry unit travels between facilities to provide on-site comprehensive routine and emergency dental services to residents who are unable to travel to a traditional dental office.

Our goal is to establish long-lasting comfortable relationships with our patients while providing first class preventative dental care. Our devoted and compassionate doctors and staff are ready to treat your residents and loved ones with care and respect - enhancing the quality of life for our nursing home residents just became easier and more affordable.

What we do

The dental needs for the residents of long-term care facilities are often underserved, and Maple Leaf Mobile Dentistry was founded to provide the solution. We treat Private Pay patients and accept Medicaid as well as out-of-network dental insurance plans. We work with patients, along with their caregivers, to customize each dental treatment plan so that we can offer all residents of long-term care facilities in Ohio the option of receiving quality dental care on-site at the facilities where they reside.

Our mobile dental office allows treatment to be done on-site at long-term care facilities in Ohio. This eliminates the need for patients to travel to a traditional dental office - we bring the dental office to patients. All of our preventative services are done in our mobile dental office making this process run smoothly and efficiently for the patient and the facility where they reside. We are able to accommodate patients who may be wheel-chair bound or bed ridden.

Maple Leaf Mobile Dentistry offers the following services: Exams, Cleanings, Digital X-ray, Oral Surgery, Dentures, Denture Repair, On-Site repairs, Periodontal Care, Dental Restorations, Emergency Care and Oral Cancer Screenings.

For Ohio Medicaid patients, all medically necessary treatments covered by Medicaid will be billed directly to Medicaid on the patient's behalf. We cannot guarantee that all charges will be considered medically necessary and covered by Medicaid. Maple Leaf Mobile Dentistry will also file all private dental insurance claims on the patient's behalf.

On-Site Comprehensive Dental

“With Care & Respect”


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